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How to make a good sales (2)

How to make a good sales (2)

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How to make a good sales (2)

Fourth, find out what the customer's problem is

Because when trust is established, both you and the other person will feel comfortable. At this point, you should ask questions to find out what the customer's problem is, that is, what problem he wants to solve.

For example, you are selling air conditioning, it is necessary to understand the customer to buy an air conditioning is to solve his what problem: is his old air conditioning is broken, because its failure rate is too high, do not want to repair, to a new; Or customers from the old house moved to the new house now; Or the customer did not use air conditioning in the past, now to improve living conditions; Still village is central air conditioning, oneself are used not quite convenient, want to install cent body now; Or kids getting married... And so on only to find the problem is really for the sake of customers, to help customers find their original needs.

How can we find out what the customer's problem is? Only by asking a lot of questions can we know what problems customers want to solve with this purchase. A good marketer spends 80 percent of his time asking questions and 20 percent of his time explaining the product and answering questions.

Fifth, propose solutions and shape product value

In fact, at this point, you can decide what kind of product to sell to your customers. Your solution will be highly targeted, the customer will think it is tailored for him, he will evaluate the feasibility of the solution with you, and give up the defense against you.

In this process, you should lose no time in shaping the value of your products. Tell your customers your brand background, corporate culture and awards freely, and your professional knowledge will be put to use. At this time, it is easy for them to listen to what you say.

Sixth, do competitive product analysis

Many of our marketing staff know that it is not good to talk about the competitors, we sell our products, speak of the situation of the competitors do not know. Wrong! When the sense of trust is not established, the customer and you stand on the opposite side, you go to do competitive product analysis, he is very disgusted with you; However, when the two sides establish a sense of trust and you put forward a solution for him, he is eager to listen to the shortcomings of some competitive brands, and he expects you to do competitive product analysis very much, otherwise the process will be interrupted at this time and cannot go on.

At this time, not only to analyze the competing products, but also must tell him clearly, where we are good, each other is not good where (but must be objective, not malicious attack).

This analysis serves two purposes. On the one hand, it provides sufficient basis for his final purchase; On the other hand, when he buys something, he is sure to show it around: "I bought it very well. How did you buy it?" We should provide him with sufficient evidence to argue with others and prove that his choice is the wisest.

The seventh step to remove doubts to help customers make up their minds

Finish competing product analysis, the customer is not determined to pay immediately, this time must not go to the deal, or the consumer will go back on his word after buying.

Money in their own bodies, always cover for a while. You see buy air conditioning, do not get hot cannot bear, the somebody else is not anxious buy, he covers a day more, feel is him. Unwilling to make a purchase decision, he must have some resistance.

It's easy to tell if he's already in this state -- he says, go back and talk to my partner; I think the price is still a little high; Now I happen to have no money with me... Seeing each other like this, we should keep asking each other step by step until we find the real resistance point.

For example, you ask, "is there anything else to consider?" "He said," I'll go back and talk it over with my wife." ", you continue to ask, "what concerns your partner?" "He would say," my wife is concerned about what problem, then ask, ask step by step.

Resist a point to look for accurate, the method that removes nature had.