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Baidu algorithm adjusts how webmasters quickly adapt

Baidu has recently started a big update. Many websites have been ranked out and many websites have been ranked up. For webmasters, it is really a few joys and sorrows. However, for most webmasters, they cannot hate Baidu very much because Baidu has lowered their website ranking. On the contrary, they are more friendly. It can be seen that webmasters should learn to adapt quickly after Baidu algorithm is adjusted, only in this way can we make ourselves invincible! In order to fail Baidu's update quickly, it is necessary to analyze the website situation after each Baidu update. The author's analysis results of this Baidu update are roughly as follows: First, the ranking of old websites has dropped more, and the ranking of problematic websites is even more common. Some of them have dropped in the ranking of target keywords, some have dropped in the ranking of long-tail keywords, and even some websites included in a large number have dropped in an all-round way, this part of the stationmaster must be currently in the cup! Two: many of the site included a significant reduction in the situation, included and the chain is very close, included less, the chain is naturally a lot less! Three: Snapshot updates have also slowed down, some reaching a week! Four: a lot of sites in Baidu after the update of the flow of the situation is not stable, within a week of the flow of the rise, there is also a decline in the situation! For these problems, I simply analyzed the reasons and the corresponding solutions! One: this time, the liquidation of the problem website is very strong, which was supposed to be the thing, but some old stations have also been punished by demotion, which really makes the old stationmasters very depressed! And why is that? The reason is that we will find out from the SEO optimization guide released by Baidu some time ago, because the structure of many old stations has not been optimized according to Baidu's suggestion, because once the old stations are revised, they will be more affected, while the new stations can have a good SEO optimization structure, so under the condition of algorithm adjustment, the old stations will naturally be demoted, and the new station can rise to a good ranking instead! This old station needs to be properly modified. If one-time modification may hurt your muscles and bones, it needs to be changed slowly. As long as the structure of the website is optimized within a period of time, I think the next Baidu update, the old website will still have a good ranking! Second: Baidu has extended the sandbox time for website changes. The right to drop is only a means of investigation. As long as the website is properly optimized during the investigation period, and updated according to the normal time and the construction of external links, your website ranking will come back slowly! Three: Baidu's adjustment this time also has a considerable relationship with the quality of articles. You should know that Baidu has always advocated websites to make original articles. Therefore, during the adjustment, a large number of similar articles were deleted, so some collection stations became the hardest hit areas, resulting in many collections that disappeared overnight without a trace! Therefore, in order to maintain the stability of the website, it is necessary to update the original articles properly, and then carry out a high degree of pseudo original, so the possibility of inclusion is still very high! Generally, it is not easy to delete! Four: The new station fluctuates greatly and the collection becomes faster. This is a good thing, but the keyword fluctuation is also very large. At this time, you will find that the previous stations are all new stations, but these new stations are also like walking around and will soon be replaced. However, your ranking is still strong, which shows that your website basically has no problems, as long as you continue to update and chain! Five: The poor quality of the outer chain will also cause the website ranking to fluctuate, so the construction of the outer chain must find some high-quality outer chain to do, like the outer chain of the collection station, the outer chain of the query station has no weight! So outside the chain for the majority of webmasters must seriously build! Having said so much, there is no doubt that the majority of webmasters should not panic when Baidu updates are coming, and should not panic when problems arise. As long as we do it through the optimization scheme told us by Baidu search engine guide, then our website will certainly be able to withstand the wind and rain!


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