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How to make a good sales (3)

How to make a good sales (3)

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How to make a good sales (3)

The eighth clinch a deal kicked a good goal

A lot of sale personnel, before doing very good, clinch a deal namely cannot, actually this is a kind of psychology that sale personnel sets limits oneself. Clinching a deal phase, must use urge sex, restrictive ask a question, this is the law that iron decides, otherwise, your flow should start all over again.

The phase that clinch a deal is when you help consumer make up his mind, but often this time, a lot of people dare not urge a client clinch a deal. In fact, as long as you judge to enter this stage, immediately with the urge, closed questions, to promote his transaction, or he will put the money more wu a few days, these days what changes may appear.

What is a closed question?

For example, "are you free at 3:00 PM or 5:00 PM?

Study marketing people, mostly study in such a case - wonton stall selling eggs, two wonton booth location, scale, as many eggs to sell, supply eggs people wonder, one day, he will go to the inspection, found that only two boss ask customer's problem is not the same, one USES the open questions: "would you like eggs?" Eggs are sold less; Another boss asks a closed question, "do you want one egg or two?" He sells more eggs.

There are good and bad questions. Take selling clothes as an example. You ask a customer, "do you want to buy clothes today or in two days?" It's a restricted question, but it's not a good one. Ask, "do you want this red one or this yellow one?" This is called a hurried, restrictive question. Let the customer make a choice in time, this is the most painful time for the customer, because it has to pay out. After asking questions, you should never talk again, look at him, and wait... The key here is not to talk after asking.

Ninth move: make good after - sales service

People often think that after-sales service is to make a phone call, home maintenance, in fact, these are only a small part of after-sales service is very passive. The real after-sales service is the continuation of our service to people after they buy the goods or services. That is to say, in the process of using customers, we provide consulting services for customers and become their consultants to solve their problems in use. Only in this way can we build a real stable customer.

Step 10 ask for a referral

People share instinctively, and once a customer really recognizes a product or service, the customer is willing to share. The customer is satisfied through referral. At this time, he can actively help you transfer the introduction, and do not want to return, because this is his psychological needs, some marketing staff at this time is embarrassed to say "help me introduce a few households", this opportunity may be lost.

You can simply say to him, "we have a lot of work to do, so why don't you hook me up with some?" It doesn't matter. Don't be embarrassed. Why? When I bought a piece of clothing, two colleagues bought the same one the next day, which proved that my vision was very good. They were following my taste.

The power of referral is very large, depending on how the marketing staff to use, when a customer referral success, your sales behavior is completed, because you meet the ultimate needs of the customer.

These ten tips are not only for every marketer to grasp firmly, in fact, everyone should understand the importance of it, will be of great benefit to work and life, people's life is a process of selling yourself, let others recognize. But all of these are just methods. In real life, what can make us succeed in everything is the fact that our personality has no charm.

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