Recruiting talents and talents

Talent concept

1. Excellent professional knowledge and skills. This is the basic requirement for the ability of talents to work.
2. The goal is clear and clear. Under the premise of abiding by the company's rules and regulations, correctly understand the resolutions of the service board of directors, carry out work creatively, and carry out work around the development goals of the enterprise.
3, objective analysis ability and the ability to handle affairs independently. In complex and difficult situations, it can also make an accurate and objective assessment of what to do, and can complete the task independently and correctly.
4. Practical creativity. Have unique insights and perfect thinking system, actively think in the work, produce novel rationalization suggestions, and can transform them into new practical action plans.
5, strong fighting power. Energetically combine short-term and long-term goals, strive to continuously improve work performance, be proactive, dare to take risks and pressure, and use unremitting efforts and continuous innovation to ensure that tasks are completed.
6. Communication and leadership skills. Good communication skills, open mind, through communication to achieve the purpose of smooth work, and then develop into personal leadership. Ability to encourage subordinates to achieve their work and personal goals. The ability to set high performance standards enables subordinates to take responsibility for their work and assists subordinates in improving their professional skills and skills.
7. Ability to learn. Learn lessons from the successes and failures of your own or others' actual work, sum up experience, and learn to achieve progress; be able to continuously update the knowledge structure and have the ability to learn new knowledge and skills.