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Shenzhen Changya Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production, sales and after-sales service. It is a manufacturer of integrated automatic production lines and intelligent equipment manufacturers using machine vision systems.


The company is located in Shenzhen, the forefront city of reform and opening up, and is a practitioner of transmission mechanism equipment, optical control equipment and professional testing equipment industry technology in the Pearl River Delta region. We have strong technical force in the field of vision systems such as image acquisition and processing, image pattern recognition, image processing and algorithms, and have accumulated a lot of successful experience and have completely independent intellectual property rights. To provide customers with machine vision and motion control intelligent equipment.



The company takes technology as the foundation of its career and talents as the foundation of its prosperity. It has established a high-quality development technology team mainly composed of graduate and undergraduate students. In order to carry forward the scientific and technological cause of our country, our company uses the power of high technology, integrates the great achievements of similar products at home and abroad and concentrates the wisdom of all employees of our company, and develops and produces various types of successful machines such as automatic positioning punching equipment, visual alignment punching forming equipment, visual alignment fitting equipment, etc. The user's response is the spur to our company, always adhere to the "quality assurance" "user experience" "quality service" "sincere to the letter" principle. All for customers, continuous innovation to develop more new products to meet the needs of users, return to society.


In order to better serve the customers in the "Yangtze River Delta" region, the company has opened a branch in Kunshan, Suzhou, which can quickly provide better services to customers in the region and solve the worries of customers who purchase aircraft.