Industry Applications

Automobile industry

Drilling plays a vital role in automobile manufacturing. Hundreds of holes must be drilled for each manufactured vehicle, including holes in the drive shaft, engine block, airbag propellant chamber, camshaft and other internal engine parts. In any auto parts production line, the conveyor belt runs continuously, and efficient drilling equipment is a key aspect of profitability. The spindle is not drilling every minute, or not effectively emptying the chips formed by drilling, which is a waste of money. Manufacturers must utilize drilling equipment because they can greatly improve hole-making efficiency. Innovative technology is now available that can be seamlessly integrated into the process without shutting down production.


Applying Drilling Equipment to Automotive Manufacturing


In the past, all large, high-volume automotive metal cutting and drilling operations were performed through transmission lines on special machines. These machines set the operating speed through large chains, which transport parts between processing stations and wait there for operations to be performed. A certain number of parts can be drilled in a day; in addition, if one machine fails, the entire production line will also be shut down. There is no advantage in developing cutting or drilling tools that can speed up the operation, because the production line can only run at a specified speed.


This outdated method of automobile manufacturing continued throughout the 1970 s and 1980 s, but gradually began to change in the 1990 s with the rise of numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools. Today's modern car manufacturers are using flexible CNC drilling equipment. If parts can run faster on one device, you can speed up the connection to the next device, perhaps gaining an advantage, and ultimately translating into higher revenue. With these new CNC-operated transmission lines, manufacturers can become more flexible, make changes and take advantage of any new tools that appear. They can adopt tool innovations to help them increase production and make more money.