Industry Applications


With the passage of time, the demand of consumers is more and more diversified, and the variety of brand store products is more and more. At this time, the production has entered the era of multi category and small amount. In recent years, with the rapid development of processing enterprises, OEM/ODM enterprises have put forward multi-category and multi-quantitative production requirements for mechanical equipment.

Although the global economy has not completely got rid of the impact of the crisis, with the effective implementation of economic policies such as the central government's encouragement of 4 trillion government investment to stimulate economic development and the central government's expansion of domestic demand, China's economy has achieved a bottoming V-shaped rebound, especially in the people's livelihood industries, such as toothpaste, soap, cosmetics and other manufacturing enterprises, the market demand is gradually strong, Cosmetic manufacturers should also seize the opportunity, step up the introduction of equipment, and gradually restore or expand production, to meet market demand. At present, the degree of automation of cosmetics filling production equipment is getting higher and higher. According to the different processing technology of products, it will be applied to different kinds of industrial automation products, such as man-machine interface, PLC, frequency converter, servo system, encoder, temperature control instrument and other products.