Industry Applications

Hardware accessories

The production of automated mechanical parts is one of our main businesses. Automated machinery is an important tool for the production of modern hardware industry. Therefore, the level of automation defines the quality and accuracy of our automated mechanical parts. In the era of machinery instead of manual production, the production of our automated machinery parts is undoubtedly more competitive. In this industry, our manufacturers in order to constantly catch up with the times leading industry. More investment in equipment and technology.

Automatic mechanical parts in the manipulator spare parts is one of the very popular products. Known as modern industrial robots. Our research and production of this type of product can be said to be very important. Flexible instead of manual operation, to undertake the task of manual recognition is difficult to complete. This is not only to put all the control together, for a set of mold to achieve menu management, here to balancer air pressure, the Internet of field equipment, automatic control system and other aspects of the parameter setting. The field communication network and the Internet of field equipment have a great role in promoting the realization of automation. The press control system is a single operation interface to control other presses and molds, including the diagnosis of the machine, mold setting, programming and mold monitoring and control, etc., to make equipment maintenance convenient, it is necessary to increase the effective working time of the press. Therefore, the composition of automated mechanical parts and the quality of the parts are the key to our overall mechanical operation.