Four full automatic roll punching machine

Four full automatic roll punching machine

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[machine description]

Automatic roll to roll punching machine is a special for the roll printing products, automatic feeding, automatic feeding, automatic punching, automatic cutting integration of automation equipment. The product USES industrial computer control, servo motor transmission, high-definition CCD image positioning of a high-tech automation equipment. Automatic roll to roll automatic positioning punching machine to achieve the true sense of no artificial operation, to meet the needs of customers mass production, thereby greatly reducing costs and improving production efficiency.



[main parameters]

1. 1-5.0 MM Φ punching diameter Φ customized (support)

2. Identify diameter Φ 1-6.0 MM Φ (with "round" cross logo)

3. Punching thickness: 0.10mm-1mm (depending on the material)

4. Punching speed: 1S/4 holes

5. Processing accuracy: no more than 0.015mm

6. Maximum machining width: 600mm

7. Maximum machining range of head: the width of hole spacing is less than 480MM

8. Maximum impulse: 3000N

9. Power consumption: 1.6-2.0kw

10. Operating voltage: ac220v-240v

11. Working pressure: 2Mpa

12. Machine appearance: 3000MM *1200MM *1500MM

12. Net weight of the machine: 2000KG

13. Usage environment: air conditioning

14. Light source: transmitted infrared ray, reflected infrared ray

15. Feeding mode: NC servo feeding


Patent name: automatic roll to roll punching machine, patent number: 201220235045.3



[application field]

Positioning hole processing in electronics, signage, packaging, printing and other industries such as: FPC roll, film roll, PET roll, non-film roll, film roll, etc



The special points 】

Automatic light-sensing feeding: as long as the processing material is outside the infrared sensing range, the feeding machine will automatically discharge the material to provide the next feeding required length.

· automatic roller material guide frame: the product passes through and is fixed with surrounding material guide blocks to ensure that the product always keeps the same direction.

Dust and anti-static work: dust and anti-static roller is installed on the table surface to remove dust and electrostatic on the product surface.

· fast square positioning: the worktable surface is equipped with directional positioning function to ensure that the product does not appear deviation phenomenon in the long distance drawing process.

CCD image accurate positioning: CCD industrial camera accurate positioning, to ensure the accurate positioning of products, there will be no deviation hole leakage hole phenomenon.

Punching die: the punching die adopts imported high speed steel and fine grinding processing and vacuum heat treatment to ensure the accuracy and service life of the die.

· human-machine interface display: the punching machine adopts human-machine interface display, which can watch the punching reality synchronously.

NC servo feeding: NC servo feeding machine imported from Japan yaskawa servo feeding machine, PLC programming, can set 30 kinds of step distance, each feeding accuracy to ensure 0.01MM.

· light sensor color tracking locator: light sensor color tracking can control the synchronous punching of four punch heads to ensure consistency.

Automatic cutting function: after the product positioning hole processing is OK, the cutting knife can automatically cut through the PLC signal.

Feeding speed: adjustable at will, starting frequency rises from 0 to running slowly, avoid starting too fast and causing abrasion on material surface.

· hole punching speed: this equipment USES CY series software independently developed by our company, high-speed and stable motor, high computing industrial computer, and the hole punching speed can reach 1 second /4 holes



[standard accessories]

Screw: imported TBI

Guide rail: silver

Cylinder: yadeke

Solenoid valve: yadeke

Motor/driver: signal concentration




The five main parts of The Changya

Type selection depends on the performance index

(7) seven years of volume to volume industrial control system technology precipitation, far ahead of the peer;

Precise feeding, punching and receiving the first three in one, fully in place;

Take the lead in adopting imported high precision NC servo material, high efficiency, accuracy and stability;

The real pull material error automatic compensation, firmly lock the processing accuracy;

The embedded industrial control computer is adopted to ensure the stable operation of the system.



[display of real highlights]



NC servo feeding mechanism NC servo feeding mechanism


NC servo feeding and material guide mechanism CCD drilling visual mechanism


Man-machine dialogue operation platform triangular pressure mechanism


Imported high-definition CCD camera to ensure clear image punching punch material with imported high-speed steel, after grinding, quenching and secondary

The grinding process ensures the accuracy and durability of the punch


Pneumatic parts are imported with genuine brand yadeke to ensure the durability of pneumatic system


Precision imported guide rail and screw ensure the operation of high precision and high performance motor and supporting driver


Embedded precision steel ruler facilitates accurate positioning of both ends of the material



[customer on-site display]








[warm tips from changya technology]

A machine to ensure that its operation is stable, durable, then regular maintenance is very critical, the following details of its daily maintenance.

1. Continuous movement mechanism of the machine, that is, the processing punch position, where the frequency of use is quite high, is pure metal friction, grease should often be added here, otherwise, dry friction, punch fitting place is bound to grind out a large gap, so it will greatly affect the machining accuracy of the machine. As shown in the figure below


2. Keep the input gas dry

Why keep the gas dry? Because drilling machine is composed of a lot of pneumatic components, such as: cylinder, solenoid valve, filter, etc., which is the natural enemy of pneumatic parts, the water content of the input gas is too high will cause the aging and damage of the sealing ring of pneumatic parts, which leads to greatly shortened service life of pneumatic parts. So how do you solve this problem?

Method 1: regularly drain water for air compressor. Air compressor output gas without desiccant, wet season drainage every 2 days, dry season drainage every week.

Method 2: add a desiccant at the source of the output gas of the air compressor, so as to ensure that the output gas is dry and clean, thus ensuring the service life of pneumatic components.

3. Normal switching machine

Because punch machine is to rely on computer dimensional carrier, do not shut down illegally, shut down illegally many times, can become the damage of sports software early, make sports software cannot run normally thereby.

4. Regularly clean up the waste (when the waste exceeds half, it must be cleaned in time, otherwise the waste will be blown into the moving parts of the machine when blowing air, resulting in the machine screw guide rail and other obstacles, movement is not smooth, will cause drilling accuracy is not allowed to occur)

5. Environmental requirements of the workshop: it is better to operate in the dust-free workshop, because the air in the dust-free workshop is clean and the temperature and humidity are appropriate

This can greatly ensure the stability of the machine running time so as to eliminate external adverse factors.


[changya after-sales service description]

We provide free pre-sales services, customized solutions, proofing and one year of free after-sales service.

1. The whole machine is guaranteed for one year, during which no charge will be charged for machine maintenance. (except consumables and man-made damage)

2. Provide free software system upgrade for life, you don't need to worry about any cost during the period.

We have a strong after-sales system, shenzhen changya in the pearl river delta, the Yangtze river delta, Beijing, tianjin, tang, bohai bay, chongqing, nanchang, wuhan and other seven regions have offices, you do not have to because of the long way to the machine fault maintenance difficult and worry. You have purchased our equipment, as long as there is a problem, at any time to call our company's offices below the telephone number will be timely staff to solve your problems


[changya patented technology]