CCD automatic positioning punch machine

CCD automatic positioning punch machine

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It is suitable for automatic feeding of film, CCD automatic alignment, automatic punching and automatic blanking. The punching speed is 1 piece / 4 seconds.
1) The servo motor is equipped with a planetary reducer and uses a precision screw drive method for punching to improve the punching efficiency and accuracy;
2) It has the function of precise positioning of product CCD detection and correction before punching;
3) The loading and unloading manipulator uses soft silicone vacuum suction cup to take the material to ensure no damage to the incoming material;
4) Automatic boxing of finished products and waste products, with full disk alarm function (with the function of separating finished products and round hole waste materials;
5) The machine operation only needs the material operator to load the material, no professional operator is required.
Technical Parameters
1. Up and down shaking speed of the robot: ≤3.0S / piece
2. Punching speed: ≤0 5S / time
3. Punching depth: punching depth accuracy ± 0.015mm, adjustable accuracy ± 0.01mm
4. Parallelism of punching cross-cut: ± 0.015mm
5. Punching torque: 10T
6. Transmission speed of transmission mechanism: ≤3.0S
7. Product tessellation: ≥98%
8. Equipment marrying slaughter: ≥95%