CCD automatic positioning drilling machine

CCD automatic positioning drilling machine

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【Machine description】
Automatic positioning drilling machine is an automatic equipment mainly used for precise processing of hard plate positioning holes, which makes up for the feature that automatic positioning punching machines cannot process hard, UV to hard, brittle materials. This equipment is developed by engineers of our company from software to hardware, and has independent intellectual property rights. The product is stable and the quality is excellent.
【Special Features】
☆ This product is carefully designed to absorb the advantages of foreign flexible circuit board drilling machines, combined with the characteristics of China's circuit board production.
☆ The granite panel is used, which is wear-resistant, practical, beautiful in appearance, generous, reasonable in structure, convenient in operation and high in drilling precision.
☆ The optional function of reflected light and transmitted light and the second repeat reading are adopted, which greatly improves the drilling accuracy; the liquid crystal display is conducive to long-term work.
☆ This product uses single-chip technology to automatically identify the target, the performance is more stable.
☆ Adopt water cooling system to make the service life of the motor longer.
【The main parameters】
1. Drilling diameter: ф1mm ~ ф5.0mm (according to user)
2. Recognition diameter: ф1mm ~ ф5.0mm (with "cross circle" logo)
3. Machinable materials: single and double-sided PCB boards, and inner-layer board drilling
4. Maximum processing surface: 600 * 600mm
5. Maximum drilling speed: 20000-60000 rpm
6. Drilling speed: 0.5S / hole
7. Processing error: ≦ ± 0.02mm
8. Voltage: 220V ~ 240V single phase
9. Power consumption: 200W
10. Air pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.7Mpa
11. Dimensions (L * W * H): 1250 * 770 * 1100cm
12. Net weight: 200kg
【Application field】
The equipment is used in PCB circuit boards, FPC soft boards, IMD / IML, film, diazo tablets, mobile phone panels, mobile phone buttons, stickers, membrane switches, films, PE, PC, PVC, PET films, polyester films, Thin aluminum, aluminum substrate, FR4 fiberglass board and many other materials.