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Single head roll-to-roll punching machine

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  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Single head roll-to-roll punching machine
    • Commodity ID: 1169220702146547712

    machine description]

     The full-automatic roll-to-roll punching machine is an automatic equipment that integrates automatic feeding, automatic feeding, automatic punching and automatic cutting for roll printing products. This product uses industrial computer control, servo motor transmission, high-definition CCD image positioning of a high-tech automation equipment. The realization of automatic roll-to-roll automatic positioning punching machine realizes unmanned operation in a real sense, meets the needs of customers for mass production, and greatly reduces costs and improves production efficiency.


    main parameters]

    1.Punching diameter Φ1-Φ5.0MM (support for customization)

    2.Identification circle diameter Φ1-Φ6.0MM(Can be marked with "cross circle")

    3.Punching thickness:0.05mm-1mm (Depending on the material)

    4.Punching speed: 1S/1 hole

    5.Machining accuracy:±0.015mm

    6.Maximum processing width:600mm(Non-standard size machines can be designed according to the width of customer specific requirements)

    7.Air pressure requirements:0.4-0.8mpa

    8. Maximum momentum:3000N

    9. work Consumption: 0.4-0.5KW

    10. Working voltage:AC220V-240V

    11. Machine appearance:1450*1000*1400 mm(L*W*H)

    12. Machine net weight:200±5KG

    13.Use RingEnvironment:Air conditioning 

    14. Light source: infrared transmission, infrared reflection

    15. Feeding partyType:NCServo feeding

    16. The maximum diameter of the roll material: within 800MM



    application field]

        Electronic,Placard,Packaging,Printing and other industries positioning hole processing such:FPCRoll, film roll,PETRoll material, adhesive roll material, film roll material, etc.


    [Special   point]]

       .Automatic light sensing Material: As long as the processed material is outside the infrared sensing range, the feeder will automatically discharge the material to provide the material length required for the next feeding.

      .Automatic roller guide frame: the product is fixed with the surrounding guide block to ensure that the product always maintains the same direction.

      .Dust removal and anti-static function: dust removal and anti-static rollers are installed on the work surface, which can remove dust and static electricity on the surface of the product.

      .Orientation Fast: The work surface is equipped with a directional positioning function to ensure that the product does not deviate from the material during the long-distance pulling process.

       .CCDImage precise positioning:CCDIndustrial camera precise positioning, to ensure accurate positioning of the product, there will be no partial hole leakage phenomenon.

      .punch  Hole Mold Tools: The punching die adopts imported high-speed steel and fine grinding and vacuum heat treatment to ensure the accuracy and service life of the die.

      .Man-machine interface display: the punching machine adopts man-machine interface display, which can watch the punching live synchronously.

      . N CServo Feeding:NCServo feeder adopts imported Japanese Yaskawa servo feeder,PLCprogramming, can be set30Step distance, each feeding accuracy to ensure0.01MM.

      .Light-sensitive color tracking locator: light-sensitive color tracking can control the accuracy of punching.

      .Automatic cutting function: product positioning hole processingOKAfter that, the cutting knife can passPLCAutomatic signal cutting.

      .Put Material Speed  Degree: can be adjusted at will, starting frequency from0Start to slowly rise to run to avoid starting too fast, causing scratches on the surface of the material.

      .punch  Hole Speed Degree: This equipment is independently developed by our company.CYSeries software, high-speed stable motor, high-computing industrial computer, punching speed up1Seconds/1Hole


    [standard accessories]]

         screw rod: Imported TBI

    Guide rail: Silver      


    Solenoid valve:Yadke     




    Roll-to-roll punching mode is a new type of punching machine used in the full-automatic roll-to-roll screen printing machine, and with the increasing requirements of customers and the shorter and shorter delivery period, if there is no assembly line-type full set of equipment can not meet the current requirements. For example, in the label printing industry, the traditional mode is: directly apply the die-cutting machine after printing. Now the customer requires very high precision, which can no longer meet the requirements. It is necessary to punch positioning holes and then apply position punching. Moreover, the delivery time is still very tight. Therefore, manufacturers are forced to try their best to improve the production efficiency and reduce the use of human resources to the greatest extent, thus reducing the cost from the root and replacing the traditional manual operation mode by machine operation, simplify the process, facilitate management, and maximize poor control.


    [working principle]]

    The full-automatic roll-to-roll punching machine produced by Shenzhen Changya Technology is referred to as roll-to-roll punching machine (roll-to-belt punching machine). The principle of the full-automatic roll-to-roll punching machine is the combined motion body of NC servo feeding CCD visual scanning XY motion software. The three components feed back each other's signals between pulses to make the machine: feeding-punching-receiving action cycle, thus achieving the goal of sustainable operation.



    The five main parts of the Changya

    Selection must see performance indicators

    ▲ Seven years of roll-to-roll industrial control system technology precipitation, far ahead of peers;

    ▲ Accurate feeding, punching and receiving are the first three-in-one, fully in place;

    ▲ Take the lead in adopting imported high-precision NC servo material, which is efficient, accurate and stable;

    ▲ truly realize automatic compensation of material drawing error and firmly lock the processing accuracy;

    ▲ The use of embedded industrial computer to ensure stable operation of the system without crash;


    [physical highlight display]]

    CCD punching visual mechanism triangular pressing mechanism

    Imported high-definition CCD camera to ensure clear image punching punch raw materials imported high-speed rigid, after grinding, quenching and secondary

    The grinding process ensures the precision and durability of the punch.

    The pneumatic parts adopt genuine imported Yadke to ensure the durability of the pneumatic system.

    Precision imported guide rail and screw rod to ensure the operation of high-precision high-performance motor and supporting drive


    Customer site display]]

    [Changya Technology Warm Tips]]

    A machine to ensure its stable operation, durable, then regular maintenance is very critical, the following describes the rules of its daily maintenance.

    1. The continuous movement mechanism of the machine table, that is, the processing punch part, the use frequency here is quite high, and it is pure metal friction. Grease should be often added here, otherwise, dry friction will be caused, and the punch will be worn out. Large gap, this will greatly affect the machining accuracy of the machine. As shown in the following figure

    2. Maintain the dryness of the input gas

    Because the punching machine is composed of many pneumatic components, such as: cylinder, solenoid valve, filter, etc., is the natural enemy of the pneumatic parts, the input gas water content is too high will cause the aging and damage of the sealing ring of the pneumatic parts, resulting in the service life of the pneumatic parts is greatly shortened. So how to solve this problem?

    Method one: regularly for the air compressor water. Air compressor output gas without desiccant, wet season drainage once every 2 days, dry season drainage once a week.

    Method 2: Add desiccant at the source of the output gas of the air compressor, so as to ensure that the output gas is dry and clean, thus ensuring the service life of pneumatic components.

    3. Normal on/off

    Because the punching machine relies on the computer dimension carrier, do not shut down illegally. If the number of illegal shutdowns increases, the sports software will be damaged early, thus making the sports software unable to operate normally.

    4. Clean up the waste regularly (when the waste is more than half, it must be cleaned up in time, otherwise the waste will be blown into the moving parts of the machine when blowing air, which will cause the screw guide rail of the machine to be blocked, the movement is not smooth, and the punching accuracy will be inaccurate)

    5. plant environmental requirements: it is best to work in a dust-free workshop, because the air in the dust-free workshop is relatively clean and the temperature and humidity are suitable.

    This can greatly ensure the stability of the machine running to eliminate external adverse factors.


    [Changya after-sales service description]]

    We provide free pre-sales service, customized solutions, proofing and one year of free after-sales service.

    1. The whole machine is guaranteed for 1 year, and there is no charge for machine maintenance during the warranty period. (except for wear parts and man-made damage)

    2. Provide free software system upgrade for life, you don't need to worry about any expenses during the period.

    3. We have a strong after-sales system. Shenzhen Changya has offices in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan, Bohai Bay, Chongqing, Nanchang, Wuhan and other seven major regions. You don't have to worry about the difficult maintenance of long-distance machines. You have purchased our equipment, as long as you have any questions, please call our offices below at any time and there will be staff to solve the problems for you in time.


    [Changya Technology Patent Technology]]

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