CY5015 automatic positioning punching machine

CY5015 automatic positioning punching machine

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【Machine description】

The fully automatic manipulator punching machine absorbs the advantages of various automatic punching machines at home and abroad, and is carefully designed in accordance with the production needs of China. Adopt WINDOWS XP operating system, PCI bus high-performance servo control card, PCI bus high-performance image acquisition card and high-resolution encoder servo motor to form a control system.

The mechanical structure adopts high-precision ground ball screw and LM sliding track to ensure the mechanical positioning accuracy. This equipment is suitable for mass production and dense and dense products. Manual feeding, automatic feeding by robot, realizing automatic mechanical feeding and punching. Greatly improve production efficiency.


 1. Processing objects

    1. Target materials: FPC, mobile phone panel, film, etc.

    2. Working size: Max 600 (L) x300 (W) mm

    3. Workpiece thickness: depending on material and punching diameter

 2. Processing capacity

    1. Punching accuracy: ± 0.02mm

    2. Punching diameter: φ1.0 ~ 5.0mm

    3. Punching speed: 0.35 seconds / hole

 3. Punch:

    1. Drive mode: pneumatic drive

    2. Installation method: lower die fixed, upper die action, rubber return

 4. Workbench

    1. Clamping method: paste type

    2. Action mode of supporting plate: pneumatic drive up and down

    3. Workpiece tension clamping bracket: axial adjustment according to the size of the work piece, the handle is locked

 5. Control system

    1. Operating system: Windows XP.

    2. Display: 8-inch TFT LCD (4/3).

    3. Operation procedure: Crild has its own intellectual property control software.

    4. Product operation data: obtained according to manual operation learning or material path software.

 Six, image processing:

    1. Camera: 600 line 1/3 inch CCD.

    2. Field of view: 9 * 11mm

    3. Processing method: gray scale mode measurement

    4. Lighting mode: high-brightness LED colorful transmission and reflection

 7. Use environment

    1. Temperature: 20 to 30 degrees

    2. Humidity: air conditioning

    3. Size: 1700 (L) × 1000 (W) × 1100 (H) cm

    4. Weight: about 780Kg

    5. Power supply: AC210-240V 2KVA

    6. Air pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.8MPa


【Special Features】

☆ Large area of ​​processed materials

☆ Manual feeding, automatic feeding by robot, realizing automatic mechanical feeding and punching. Greatly improve production efficiency.

☆ Reduce the friction between the personnel and the machine table when moving the plate, and reduce the bad law.

☆ To avoid the leakage caused by human factors, the unrecognized holes are directly filled by the robot.

☆ Simple operation: Embedded XP system, humanized design, customizable settings, convenient operation, simple and intuitive.

☆ High accuracy: the camera automatically finds pictures within the recognition range, computer analyzes and controls motion.

☆ Fast speed: the camera reflects the time is short, and the position of the figure can be controlled to punch as soon as the figure is found.

☆ Powerful: The sampling chart can be saved, and it can be directly recalled after reuse. Computer system, software can be upgraded in real time.

☆ Quality assurance: The main components such as pressure regulating valve, cylinder, solenoid valve and rail are imported to ensure the service life.

☆ High recognition: it can automatically recognize circular images on various materials, special printed materials, reflective mirror materials, cross circles, unclear printing, and defective circles (including semi-circles) can also accurately and automatically punch holes, greatly improving production effectiveness.