Sheet automatic punching machine

Sheet automatic punching machine

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1. The performance parameters are as follows:

Number of people

 Take care of 3 ~ 4 sets by one person

Proficiency requirements

 Can be proficient in one day

Punching quality

 Fast speed, strong stability, high pass rate

Cost assessment

Time-saving, labor-saving, labor-saving and high efficiency





 Manual veneer-automatic punching-manual take-up

Punching speed

0.4 seconds / hole (10mm pitch)

Processing size

250 * 400mm (can be customized to increase)

Punching diameter

1mm-5mm depending on material thickness

Punching thickness

0.01-3.0mm (depending on the material)

Positioning error

 ± 0.015mm



Power supply

 AC210~240V 2 Kw

Gas source


Maximum impact


3. Manipulator application:
FPC, film, nameplate, signage, PET, PC, PVC, stickers, membrane switch, flexible circuit sheet, IML / IMD, mobile phone panel, thin aluminum plate and other positioning punching
4. Overview of robotic automatic positioning and punching machine:
Fully automatic positioning punching machine, innovating on the basis of the conventional semi-automatic positioning punching machine, does not need manual feeding, and comes with a manipulator device, which can realize the feeding punching of the equipment. One person can operate multiple devices at the same time, saving labor and greatly improving production efficiency. Automatic punching machine's requirements for pattern recognition: For positioning punching that requires high precision, it is required to provide positioning graphics with clear lines and uniform circles. If there are defects in the graphics, high shading or insufficiently printed graphics, the software can identify the repair or the light source selection to automatically sample the punching.
Fifth, the characteristics of the robotic automatic positioning punching machine system
1. Fast punching speed and high production efficiency.
2. The CCD finds pictures in the visible range, and the image collection is stable and efficient.
3. High degree of automation, users only need to put the workpiece into the corresponding station, no need to manually align the CCD area.
4. It adopts embedded system plus PC control, and the controller uses DSP chip, which can be directly welded on the circuit board, without the need of PC safety and reliability. PC control punching software, software upgrade only need to upgrade the punching software, to ensure efficient performance.
Save manpower: one person takes care of 3 ~ 4 units
Improve efficiency: more than 40% higher than manual
High cost performance: less manpower consumption, no need to consume manpower for a long time
Silent work: motor driven punch, low vibration
Stable quality: not affected by fluctuations in gas source;