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Microcomputer automatic cutting machine

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  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Microcomputer automatic cutting machine
    • Commodity ID: 1169220666285248512

    machine description]]

     This machine adopts man-machine interface PLC control system and pneumatic push-out device, which can do special cutting with multi-knife half-break and one-knife full-break. The slice length can be set in 20 different sizes, and different cutting quantities and cycle times can also be set to improve cutting efficiency, high precision, low loss and simple operation.


    Microcomputer Cutting Machine Specification]]

    Equipment Name microcomputer cutting machine Specifications and models CY500
    Equipment Usage Production and processing Packing size 980 × 1450 × 1070
    Voltage AC220V No.  
    Main functional parameters and technical requirements of the equipment
    Equipment Name Parameters Remarks Use Parameters Remarks
    Specifications and models CY500   Use environment Room temperature  
    Operation mode man-machine control   Working air pressure 1.5mpa


    Control mode Microcomputer control   Input power (w) 0.5KW  
    Display Screen 8 inches   Packing size 1200*850*950MM  
    Maximum cutting width 1-500mm   Material storage method automatic material storage  
    Maximum cutting thickness 0.1-1.0mm   Power 2HP  
    Cutting length 0.1-9999.9mm   Equipment Appearance computer gray  
    Cutting accuracy Less than 0.1mm   Fixed way Four corners fixed  
    Cutting speed 0.1-800mm/s   Net weight of equipment 280Kg Including discharge machine

    Use:Suitable for cutting conductive cloth, foam, diffusion sheet, reflective film, double-sided tape, nickel sheet, PET, PC, PE insulation paper, copper/aluminum foil, release paper, various adhesive tapes, etc.

    Main Equipment Configuration Sheet
    Accessory Name Accessories Brand Origin of accessories
    Guide/Slider THK Japan
    color code sensor Sigg. Germany
    Drive/Motor Shanshe Japan
    Cutting knife high speed steel Custom
    Software CY Independent research and development


    functional characteristics]

    1. This machine can be equipped with photoelectric device for positioning and cutting. Using advanced touch screen PLC precision ball screw working mode, precise control of feeding size.

    2. The cutter mechanism adopts the clutch brake system with excellent performance, which is fast, powerful, and easy to cut half-break and full-break.

    3, the use of servo motor control pull belt system, simple and convenient operation, imported PLC touch screen operation control, simple and convenient operation. Cutting speed, high precision, can be a variety of materials at the same time to achieve five different specifications, different degrees of cutting processing. Reduce losses and increase efficiency.
    4. This machine adopts Mitsubishi PLC numerical control device with man-machine interface and pneumatic push-out device. German Sik color code sensor automatically captures slices. The length can be set to 5 different lengths respectively, thus improving cutting efficiency, high precision, less loss and simple operation.
    Uses: Suitable for cutting and cutting conductive cloth, foam, reflective film, double-sided tape, stupid film, PET, PC, PE insulating paper, copper, aluminum foil, release paper, various adhesive tapes, etc.


    [main technical parameters]] 

    Model CY-550
    Cutting length Cutting length 0.1-9999.9
    Cutting width Cutting Width 1-520mm
    Power 1HP
    Voltage Voltage 220V
    Net weight/gross weight N.W./G. W. 260/300Kg
    Packing size Meqsurement 780x920x1300mm


    Configuration List]]
    List of 1. appliances    

    Touch screen Xinjie Wuxi
    Programmable controller MITSUBISHI Japan
    Servo Drives MITSUBISHI Japan
    Servo motor MITSUBISHI Japan
    DC motor Divine Power Taiwan
    electric eye Sigg. Germany


    Main technical parameters of 2.

    < div=""><>
    Type CY-550
    Power 1P

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