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Function, application and working principle of automatic roll punching machine

Function, application and working principle of automatic roll punching machine

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Function, application and working principle of automatic roll punching machine

Shenzhen changya technology co., LTD. Full automatic roll punching machine is a special for the roll products, automatic feeding, feeding, cutting, receiving collection of automatic punching equipment, the product USES industrial computer control, CCD image positioning of a high-tech automation equipment. In 2012, our company successfully developed CYC5021 super automatic roll to roll automatic positioning punching machine, which truly realizes the operation of unmanned feeding operation and meets the requirements of mass production of customers.

I. special points:

1. Automatic light-sensing feeding: as long as the processing material is outside the infrared sensing range, the feeding machine will automatically discharge the material to provide the required material length for the next feeding.

2. Automatic roller material guide frame: the product passes through and is fixed with surrounding material guide blocks to ensure that the product always keeps the same direction. 3. Dust removal and anti-static work: dust removal and anti-static roller is installed on the workbench surface to remove dust and electrostatic on the product surface.

4. Fast square positioning: the worktable surface is equipped with directional positioning function to ensure that the product does not appear deviation phenomenon in the long distance drawing process.

5.CCD image accurate positioning: CCD industrial camera accurate positioning, to ensure the accurate positioning of products, there will be no deviation from the hole leakage phenomenon.

6. Punching die: the punching die adopts imported high-speed steel, fine grinding and vacuum heat treatment to ensure the precision and service life of the die.

7. Human-machine interface display: the punching machine adopts human-machine interface display, which can synchronously watch the punching reality.

8.N C servo feeding: the NC servo feeding machine adopts imported yaskawa servo feeding machine from Japan. PLC programming can set 30 kinds of step spacing and ensure the feeding accuracy of 0.01MM each time.

9. Light sense color tracking locator: light sense color tracking can control the synchronous punching of four punch heads to ensure consistency.

10. Automatic cutting function: after the product positioning hole processing is OK, the cutting knife can automatically cut through the PLC signal.

11. Feeding speed: it can be adjusted at will, and the starting frequency will slowly rise from 0 to operation, so as to avoid excessive starting speed and abrasion of material surface.

12. Hole punching speed: this equipment USES CY series software independently developed by our company, high-speed and stable motor, high computing industrial computer, and the hole punching speed can reach 1 second /4 holes

Can work: a staff put good materials, automatic punching machine started, the whole coil automatic feeding, automatic discharging, automatic cutting. CYC5021 type machine is equipped with four punching head. Can positioning holes at the same time, an employee can operate at the same time four or five automatic punching machine, greatly improve the productivity, can arrive on market 10 semi-automatic punching machines production, greatly reduce the cost.

3. Application fields: positioning hole processing in electronics, signage, packaging, printing and other industries, such as: FPC soft board, film, diazo sheet, mobile phone panel, adhesive, film switch, film, PE PC, PVC, PET film, polyester film

Iv. Number of parameters:

Feeding square: NC servo feeding

Working voltage: AC220V maximum machining width: 500mm

Size: 2700*900*900(excluding feeder)

Environment: empty

Maximum head movement range: x=100MM y=185MM

Maximum movement range of external head: x=450MM y=90MM drilling speed: 0.35s /4 holes

V. after-sales service:

One year warranty, lifetime maintenance.