Head-to-head roll-to-roll punching and cutting machine

Head-to-head roll-to-roll punching and cutting machine

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1,Application field
This equipment is mainly suitable for positioning hole processing in electronics, signage, packaging, printing and other industries such as: FPC coil material, film coil material, PET coil material, self-adhesive film material, film coil material, etc.
2, the machine description
Fully automatic roll-to-roll punching machine is a set of integrated automatic equipment for automatic printing, automatic feeding, automatic punching and slicing of roll printing products. This product adopts a high-tech automation equipment controlled by industrial computer, servo motor conveying and high-definition CCD image positioning. The realization of the automatic roll-to-roll automatic positioning punching machine, in a true sense, realizes no manual operation, which meets the needs of customers for mass production, thereby greatly reducing costs and improving production efficiency.
3,Working principle of the machine
The fully automatic roll-to-roll punching machine produced by Shenzhen Changya Technology Co., Ltd. is referred to as the roll punching machine (tape punching machine). The principle of the automatic roll-to-roll punching machine is servo feeding + CCD visual scanning + XY motion The combined movement of the software. The signal feedback between the three major components between pulses makes the machine: feeding-punching-slicing action cycle, so as to achieve the purpose of sustainable operation.
4, machine characteristics
1. Automatic light-sensing unwinding: as long as the processed material is outside the infrared sensing range, the unwinding machine will automatically unwind and provide the required material length for the next step of feeding;
2. Automatic roller guide frame: the product passes and the surrounding guide block is fixed to ensure that the product always maintains the same direction;
3. Dust-removing and anti-static function: a dust-removing and anti-static roller is installed on the work surface to remove dust and static electricity on the surface of the product;
4. Fast directional positioning: The directional positioning function is configured on the worktable to ensure that the product does not appear to be biased during the long-distance pulling process;
5. CCD image precise positioning: CCD industrial camera precise positioning to ensure accurate positioning of the product, there will never be a phenomenon of partial hole leakage;
6. Punching die: The punching die adopts imported high-speed steel and precision grinding and vacuum heat treatment to ensure the accuracy and service life of the die;
7. Man-machine interface display: The punching machine adopts man-machine interface display, which can watch the punching situation synchronously;
8. NC servo feeding: The NC servo feeding machine adopts imported Japanese Fuji servo feeding machine, controlled by industrial control computer, and can set 30 steps, each feeding accuracy to ensure 0.01mm;
9. Discharging speed: can be adjusted at will, the starting frequency is slowly increased from 0 to run, to avoid starting too fast, causing scratches on the surface of the material;
10. Punching speed: This equipment uses the CY series software independently developed by our company, high-speed stable motor, high computing industrial computer, punching speed can reach 0.5 seconds / 2 holes
5. The configuration of important accessories is as follows:

Accessories name

Accessories brand

Place of origin

Rail / slider



Lead screw



CCD camera



Drive / Motor



NC servo feeder






Solenoid valve





Independent research and development


Alloy front steel production



6. The main functions and parameters of the equipment
Application: self-adhesive, flexible board, film, nameplate, FPC, PET, PE, PC, PVC film, polyester, thin aluminum plate
Technical Parameters:
Dimensions: 2100 × 1200X1150mm (L × W × H)
Punching diameter: Φ1-Φ5mm (standard) (customized can be larger)
Positioning accuracy: ≤ ± 0.02mm Punching speed: 0.5 seconds / hole
Cutting error: ≤ ± 0.1mm
Cutting speed: 40 ~ 120 knives / min
Minimum range of material punching: 110mm
Maximum material punching range: 400mm
Display: 19-inch LCD monitor
Net weight: 600KG
Voltage: AC220V ~ 240V
Air pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.8MPa
Power consumption: 1kw
Impact force: 3000N
Seven, product necessity and advantages
The roll-to-roll punching mode is a new type of punching machine that is used with the full-automatic roll-to-roll screen printing machine. The equipment simply cannot meet current requirements. For example, in the label printing industry, the traditional model is: directly on the die-cutting machine after printing. Now the accuracy required by the customer is very high, and it ca n’t meet the requirements at all. Therefore, it is forcing manufacturers to try their best to improve production efficiency and minimize the use of human resources, thereby reducing costs from the root cause, using machine-type operations to replace traditional manual operation modes, simplifying processes, facilitating management, and maximizing poor control.
Four highlights of Changya technology roll-to-roll punch
Selection must see performance indicators
Ø Accurate feeding, punching and slicing take the lead in three in one, fully in place;
Ø Take the lead in adopting imported high-precision servo to pull materials, with high efficiency, accuracy and stability;
Ø Realize automatic compensation for pulling error and firmly lock the processing accuracy;
Ø Use embedded industrial control computer to ensure stable system operation without crash;
8. Warranty period
1. The equipment is guaranteed free for one year from the date of leaving the factory (except consumables), and lifetime maintenance;
2. Professional and technical personnel regularly visit to track the use of customer equipment. The door-to-door service time is from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00 (with holidays extended);
3. Cost of after-sales service: one year warranty
Nine, service content
1. Free delivery, installation, commissioning, technical training, etc.
2. If the equipment fails, after receiving the customer's telephone, fax, or email notification, if the telephone communication cannot be resolved, the door-to-door processing shall not exceed 8 hours in Guangdong Province, and the door-to-door processing within 24 hours outside Guangdong Province;
3. The quality problems of equipment accessories, free replacement within one year (except consumables);
4. Our company has a proofing workshop, which can provide customers with free proofing services;
5. After-sales service is not only the repair and maintenance of equipment, but also the intensive support of process technology. Our company's technical staff can conduct technical training on site and provide a full set of visual technology, information and equipment solutions